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Learning the Greek Language

Greek is spoken mainly in Greece, Crete, Rhodes, part of Cyprus and by a small minority of Greeks in Turkey. (Crete and Rhodes are part of Greece)
Greek is an inflected language: nouns and verbs change their endings according to their use in a sentence. Learning Modern Greek can be a challenge. You have to choose your books and audio courses carefully. (We've done that for you).
We suggest you start with the spoken language: try the Pimsleur Instant Conversation Greek audio course first to see how you like it. Then, if all is well, graduate to the Pimsleur Greek I: Comprehensive full sized audio course.
After getting a handle on the spoken language, tackle the written language with the Greek alphabet: Buy the Vocabulary of Modern Spoken Greek By Donald C. Swanson and Essential Modern Greek Grammar By Douglas Q. Adams and study them.
Greek phrase books and "instant Greek" courses will get you sympathy from Greeks, but not much understanding.
So "kalimera" and get cracking!

There are generally considered to be at least three "kinds" of Greek:
Classical Greek: E.G. Homer, the Iliad.
New Testament Greek: E.G. the Gospel of St Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.
Modern Greek: As spoken today in Athens.
All three are recognizable as Greek, have a lot in common, but are not totally mutually intelligible. A native speaker of Modern Greek will find New Testament Greek more difficult than a native English speaker finds Shakespeare.

If you want to learn New Testament Greek, start with the books shown here.
A competent teacher will help immensely.

We offer books and learning materials for Modern Greek and New Testament Greek.

Books and CD's for Learning Greek
Greek Online Radio and TV
Greek Online Newspapers and Magazines
Greek Online Language Courses
Greek Online Dictionaries and Translators
Greek Language Learning Software


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